For three decades, I have worked with clients from various backgrounds who have had the desire to move their work lives forward dramatically. I have assisted people in creating work that is meaningful, fulfilling, and financially rewarding; and have assisted others in growing their businesses by providing efficient, effective support services for all phases of their business operation.
I bring a wide and varied background to my consulting work. I:

  • Owned a Mail-Order Fly Fishing Supplies company
  • Owned a Bookkeeping and Income Tax Preparation Business
  • Owned a Desktop Publishing company
  • Managed a Three Million Dollar Retail Bookstore
  • Have provided Consulting Services to start-up non-profit agencies
  • Have taught workshops at several venues through out the Bay Area and around the United States on Relationship Skills and Communication

My educational background is in Coaching, Marketing, Web Design, Accounting, and Computer Science.


I am:

  • Founder/Partner – Chortling Magpies LLC
  • Owner/Designer – Peony Pink Design
  • Owner – Extraordinary Dreams Development, Inc. A Coaching Practice that serves clients worldwide
  • Partner @ Bucking Horse Graphics
  • a Certified Professional Inbound Marketer

Additionally, I am:

  • a certified Professional Bookkeeper – Universal Accounting
  • a member of The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • a member of the National Bookkeepers Association
  • a member of National Association of Professional Women