Free Tools

Free Tools for Growing Your Business

Many of the items below are completely free, some are free to try, some are free until your business grows to where it needs more capacity – all of them are excellent tools!

Open Office The FREE Office Suite software that is compatible with all other major Office Suites.

Microsoft Office Live – Set up an Office Live account and view and edit Office documents from virtually anywhere you can get online! Need help with Office software? Visit the Official Office Site

Google Docs – Upload files from your desktop or create new ones online, access from anywhere you have an internet connection including your smartphone, share your work with real time collaboration!

Google Calendar – keep track of your life in one convenient place! Share your schedule with select people, access your calendar from your smartphone, get reminders via email or txt messages sent to your mobile phone!

More From Google – Google offers a wide range of FREE products that can make your work life much easier and more productive, all of them accessible with one FREE Google account from nearly any computer hooked to the internet in the world.

Google Alerts – need to stay on top of news in your industry or interest? Google Alerts sends you email updates on topics of your choice.

Picasa from Google – Free Image Editing Software from Google. This is a truly fantastic program. It will catalog every image on your computer, and let you edit and share them easily and quickly.

Picnik – Dazzle your friends and clients with fabulous photos and collage projects quick and easily using Picnik. Basic Picnik is free, premium runs about $25 a year!

Nitro PDF Reader – I used to recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader, but Nitro PDF Reader has it beat hands down. First, it doesn’t just allow you to read PDF files – it has a print driver so that you can save any document as a .pdf file. I also has a text tool that you can use with any .pdf form that you download from online so you can fill it out and print it even if it wasn’t made for filling out electronically. And lastly, I love it’s post-it note type annotating. Download it now, make it your default reader! You will be glad you did.

FreshBooks – Painless Billing! Track time, and invoice up to 3 clients with unlimited invoicing for free!

Get your message out: Blog Talk Radio! You’re On the Air! Using only your phone, record and broadcast your message today! – Online Classifieds and job posting network

Entrepreneur Connect – Entrepreneur’s Social Networking site – membership is FREE!

Survey Monkey – need to do a quick survey?? Survey Monkey gets the job done fast and easy! Pricing ranges from free to
$65/month. You can do quite a lot with FREE.

LogMeIn Free – remotely connect your PC or MAC over the web!

MailChimp – Easy Email Newsletters, FREE here is quite a lot! You can have a list of up to 2,000 subscribers and send out 12,000 emails a month…. for FREE! I am a HUGE fan of this company!