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The Extraordinary Dreams Life Process of The Prospering Woman

Everyone has what I like to call their “Extraordinary Life.” This life is often the one that begins as an extraordinary dream when we are children and that we generally put on hold for “someday.”

The habit of putting off our Extraordinary Life, always seems to cause us pain and holds us back from real success in every area of our lives – success we know we can achieve.

Designed specifically for the person who is continually searching for something more, our programs and processes are designed to be super simple, yet amazingly effective.

The Extraordinary Dreams Life Process

Phase I: Assessment

During the initial phase, I will be gathering extensive information about how your life is working for you now, what isn’t working so well, and gaining insight into your history to help you discern the path to your Extraordinary Life.

Phase II: Goal Mapping and Action Plan

The second phase of our program will consist of setting specific goals and mapping out an action plan to support you in creating your Extraordinary Life.

Phase III: Action Plan Implementation

During the third phase I will be using a wide variety of coaching tools and methodologies with you so that your action plan is fully implemented and your goals are achieved. During this phase of the coaching process, among other things, I will be looking for the ways you sabotage yourself, the ways you let others kill your dreams, the sacrifices you make for all the wrong reasons, and other derailing behaviors that are keeping you from living your Extraordinary Life.

Phase IV: Evaluation and Correction

During the last phase we will work together to assess your progress, evaluate what is working and what is not working well for you, and make the adjustments necessary to keep your motivation high and your success constant. After all, this is YOUR Extraordinary Life!

Coaching Sessions

Extraordinary Dreams Life Coaching is offered by telephone and/or Skype for national and international clients.

Frequency of coaching calls is dependent on the coaching package that you purchase, but calls are typically 2 to 4 times per month for a period of 3, 6, or 12 months. Client service is extremely important to me and I am accessible by phone, Skype, and e-mail between sessions for my clients. All coaching conversations are kept in the strictest confidence. I consider my clients my partners and my commitment is to your success in living your Extraordinary Life!