The Prospering Woman ~ Coaching and Consulting Rates

When you hire me, you are paying not for my time but for my expertise and innovative thinking.  I bill in blocks of time for the convenience of scheduling our discussions. But as anyone who has used a coach or consultant knows, you receive more of my time than just the time we spend talking. I spend time thinking about your particular goals and plans, develop strategy to assist you in taking action, etc. You will find, over time, that my rates are in fact – more than reasonable for the benefits you receive.


One-off coaching services: $50/per 45 minute session,  pay as you go (Limit 1 session/month)

For limited* coaching or consulting my rates are:

4 – 45 Minute phone appointments per calendar month – $300/month payable in advance
4 – 30 Minute phone appointments per calendar month – 
$200/month payable in advance
2 – 30 Minute phone appointments per calendar month – 
$100/month payable in advance


The following fees cover both personal and business coaching.

My fee for coaching is US$900.00 for 3 months or US$1,800.00 for 6 months

The packages include 4 – 45 minute phone coaching appointments per calendar month, email support, and four 10 minute impromptu internet chat sessions via Skype during each calendar month; taking place during my normal business hours of 8:00AM and 8:00PM PST Monday thru Friday; and daily inspirational tweets.

Please NOTE: For coaching contract packages, I will only work with people who are willing to make a commitment of three or more months to their goals, and to achieving their dreams. We can terminate the coaching relationship at the end of any month if the coaching truly is not working for you.  Coaching is about making a commitment to growth and change.

Fine Print: 

New clients are required to sign a coaching agreement. Payments will be made via paypal prior to appointments.

Hours and scheduling are always subject to availablity.

Payment Methods:

The Prospering Woman prefers payment through PayPal.

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